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Butterfly Valves India

Controtek Global is a major Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of wide range of Butterfly Valves in India. Our Butterfly Valves are available in different specifications and customized as per the application requirement of the industry. Controtek Global is a brand name which is trusted for quality, reliability, services and proven performance. Using the latest technology we are able to provide Butterfly Valves which are manufactured with precision and as per the requirement of the clients. Our experienced team specializes in giving the best valves solution for application from a proven line of compact and reliable butterfly valves.

We are most recognized and a pioneer of valve manufacturing industry in India. With years of experience we have been able to get recognition in Valve manufacturing Industry. We are a leading Manufacturer of Butterfly Valve in Ahmedabad. The ranges of Butterfly valves that we manufacture are – Cast Steel Butterfly Valve, Ductile Iron Butterfly Valve, Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve, Duplex Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve, Super Duplex Stainless steel Butterfly Valve, TEFLON/PTFE Lined Butterfly Valve, Viton Lined Butterfly Valve, EPDM Lined Butterfly Valve, Pneumatic Butterfly Valve, Electric Actuated Butterfly Valve, Metal Seated Butterfly Valve.

Butterfly Valve Manufacturer

Specification of Butterfly Valves

Controtek Global is a well-known Butterfly Valve manufacturer in Ahmedabad (Gujarat), providing a wide-range of Industrial Valves. The Butterfly Valves are manufactured accurately for their optimal functionality, which are highly reliable and durable. Our Butterfly valves are designed by team that has experience in this field for years. So the problems that are faced by industries are solved at the time of manufacturing. Compared to other Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in India, Controtek Global provides these valves at cost effective price along with top quality product.

Butterfly Valves are configured to operate manual, electronic or pneumatic ways. Pneumatic valves operates faster, in electronic valves a signal is required to gearbox for opening or closure. Pneumatic valves can be either single or double actuated. Single actuated valve is set to require a signal to open, when the power supply is stopped it will fully close. Double actuated pneumatic valves are set for both open and close signals. Many other companies are into manufacturing of Butterfly Valves in India, but over products are made with best quality raw material and manufactured with precision, which has our products more demandable in the market and renowned Butterfly Valve manufacturer in India

Butterfly Valve in Ahmedabad

What is Butterfly Valve?

Butterfly Valves is a quarter-turn valve used to regulate the flow of water, gas and oil etc. a metal disc is positioned perpendicular to stop the flow and rotated one quarter to fully open the valve. The butterfly is a metal disc mounted on a rod. Internal rotations allow regulation of the flow of material. When the valve is closed, the disc is turned to completely block the passage in the rod or tube. These valves are often used in industries related to agriculture and water or wastewater treatment. Also one of the most used and well known valve types.

Operating of Butterfly Valve is very similar to Ball Valve, which allows for rapid shut off. Butterfly Valves are generally favored over ball valves as they are more cost effective than any other valve designs, and are lighter weight so they need less support. This disc is lighter than a ball valve and the valve requires less structural support than a ball valve of comparable diameter. And more reliable and require very little maintenance.

Butterfly Valve in India

Uses of Butterfly Valve

  • Butterfly valve is used to control the flow of material through a pipe or tube, for materials like air, gas, steam or liquid.
  • These are also used for vacuum services.
  • Used in food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Applicable for high-pressure and high-temperature water and steam services.
  • Used were anti corrosive services valves are required.
  • Throttling service involving low differential pressures, as in cooling water, steam or gas supplying systems.

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