Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves India

Fiksar Valves Mfg is a major Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of wide range of Butterfly Valves in India. Our Butterfly Valves are available in different specifications and customized as per the application requirement of the industry. Fiksar Valves Mfg is a brand name which is trusted for quality, reliability, services and proven performance. Using the latest technology we are able to provide. Butterfly Valves which are manufactured with precision and as per the requirement of the clients. Our experienced team specializes in giving the best valves solution for application from a proven line of compact and reliable butterfly valves. We are most recognized and a pioneer of valve manufacturing industry in India. We are most recognized and a pioneer of valve manufacturing industry in India. With years of experience we have been able to get recognition in Valve manufacturing Industry

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Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves Manufacturer

Butterfly Valves


Specification Of Butterfly Valves

Pneumatic valves operates faster, in electronic valves a signal is required to gearbox for opening or closure. Pneumatic valves can be either single or double actuated. Single actuated valve is set to require a signal to open, when the power supply is stopped it will fully close. Double actuated pneumatic valves are set for both open and close signals. Many other companies are into manufacturing of Butterfly Valves in India, but over products are made with best quality raw material and manufactured with precision, which has our products more demanded in the market and renowned Butterfly Valve manufacturer in India

Butterfly Valves

What Is Butterfly Valve?

Butterfly Valves are generally favored over ball valves as they are more cost effective than any other valve designs, and are lighter weight so they need less support. This disc is lighter than a ball valve and the valve requires less structural support than a ball valve of comparable diameter. And more reliable and require very little maintenance.

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butterfly-valve-450mm, Wafer Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valves

Uses Of Butterfly Valve

  • Butterfly valve is used to control the flow of material through a pipe or tube, for materials like air, gas, steam or liquid.
  • These are also used for vacuum services.
  • Used in food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Applicable for high-pressure and high-temperature water and steam services.
  • Used were anti corrosive services valves are required.
  • Throttling service involving low differential pressures, as in cooling water, steam or gas supplying systems.
  • Butterfly Valves


    butterfly-valve-50mm, Lug Butterfly Valves

    A butterfly valve is a valve that isolates or manages the flow of a liquid. The last instrument is a disk that rotates.

    A Butterfly valve is a quarter-turn rotational movement valve, that is utilized to stop, control, and start stream. At the point when the butterfly valve is completely opened, the plate is at a correct edge to the progression of gas or fluid.

    A butterfly valve is from a group of valves called quarter-turn valves. The butterfly is a metal plate mounted on a pole. At the point when the valve is shut, the circle is turned with the goal that it totally closes off the way. The butterfly valve gets its name from the way a “butterfly-shape picture” appears to form as it turns.

    There are a couple of various sorts of butterfly valves; be that as it may, they fall into two fundamental sorts – Lug and Wafer valves.

    • More about Butterfly Valves. Butterfly valves are classified as “quarter-turn” valves. …
    • Lug Butterfly Valve.
    • Wafer Butterfly Valve

    The contrast between a Wafer and Lug type Butterfly valve is just the mounting plan and Wafer type valves don’t have connection lugs, however them may have arrangement drags. They are sandwiched between the flanges on the closures two lengths of pipe.

    • More about Butterfly Valves. Butterfly valves are classified as “quarter-turn” valves. …
    • Lug Butterfly Valve.
    • Wafer Butterfly Valve
    We are providing the best quality Butterfly Valves in the best and lowest price in the Market.
    The butterfly valves are arotary valve wherein a disk-shaped seating detail is rotated90° to open or near the glide passage. They are used in throttling service, especially wherein large-size valves with automatic actuators are required. Butterfly valves cannot be used wherein a non obstructed, complete establishing is needed.
    • The compact design requires significantly less space, compared to gate, globe, or other valves.
    • Quick acting; as a quarter-turn valve, it requires less time to open or close.
    • Light in weight
    • It is available in large sizes, ranging from NPS 2” (DN 50) to over NPS 120 (DN 3000).
    • Provide bubble-tight service.
    • They have low-pressure drop and high-pressure recovery.

    Pneumatic Butterfly valve works at the easy mechanism and smooth to apply so it has low maintenance, these valves are equipped in mid off liquid flow. This valve is operated through pressurized air that is managed through a pneumatic actuator this is constant on it. Pneumatic Operated Butterfly Valves are supplied in each unmarried appearing and double appearing actuators. These valves belong to the sector flip valves family.

    Butterfly Valves

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