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Lug Valve has its own tapped holes, with female thread which allows the bolt to be threaded into it from both the sides. These are economic and used for general purpose, fully performing butterfly valve that meets the stringent demands of the processing industries as well as the needs of the mechanical contractors. As the bolts are threaded in both the sides dismantling of any side of the piping system without removal of the Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in Ahmedabad in addition to keeping the service on the other side is possible. Lug Type Butterfly Valve is easy to maintain as shutting down of valve is not required while cleaning, inspecting and repairing of this valve. This valve is used in manual handles and gear operators, pneumatic hydraulic, diaphragm and electric actuators and each valve are tested in both the side. As there is a dual stem seal between the disc and the seat. It has a long neck design allowing ample clearance for insulation. 

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Bronze bushings provide maximum stem support while accepting side loading to minimize torque for peak operator performance.These valves are most commonly used with an elastomeric seal. It should be used for infrequent positioning such on and off service or where the valve is set in the position for a longer period of time. Butterfly Valve Manufacturer offers several benefits over other types of valve, especially for large sizes. Lug Type Butterfly Valve is the ideal choice for mud pumps which often has lost circulation material, friction reducers and other additives that aid during the drilling process.

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